Graphic Novel: FreakAngels

This is the first comic book graphic novel that I’ve ever read aside from the first 25 pages of Watchmen in a Waterstone’s in Stratford-upon-Avon. So far I have been quite impressed. The steampunky, post-apocalyptic setting is awesome, and each of the thirteen main characters is, if not fully  fleshed out, well-developed and interesting. Without giving too much away, FreakAngels follows 12 purple-eyed Brits who were born at the same time and turn out to have…psychic powers…mostly this manifests as telepathy between each other and the ability to put up shields, but each person has his or her own specialty. Anyway, 6 years ago, “the world ended.” While this can’t be literally true because there are still people around, London is a mostly-flooded mess of rival scavenger gangs. The FreakAngels decided to protect/bring some semblance of order to Whitechapel, so it’s basically the only OK place to live that is seen. What actually seems to have happened is a “technopocalypse:” all of the modern systems in London have broken down (possibly because it’s flooded, but that doesn’t explain why they didn’t get any help), so the FreakAngels and people living in Whitechapel have to build up everything from scratch. This manifests partly as basic necessities (one of them is working on a water purification system) and partly as awesome steampunk vechicles and weaponry. Anything else would be a real spoiler, so I’ll just say check it out. (Be sure to start from the beginning!)


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